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Student Testimonial #1

“The lessons that were offered helped me enormously. Suddenly it was easier to write scenes, imagine them and bring suspension and romance in it. I loved it! It helped me in the way other bloggers couldn’t and still can’t.” - Student
Writing Fanfiction Can Be Incredibly Exciting & Fulfilling… But It Can Also Be Overwhelming & Scary Too!
  • Are you constantly getting stuck in your writing? Feeling exhausted?
  • ​Are you struggling to weave your ideas into a cohesive plot?
  • ​Worried you're not building sufficient excitement and interest in your story?
  • Having trouble fleshing out particular characters?
  • ​Need help getting your readers more emotionally engaged?
  • ​Unsure how to narrate your story for maximum beauty, impact, and squee?

Introducing The 
Writing Masterclass!

The World's First Online Masterclass Created Entirely 
For Fanfiction Writers!

Five Step-By-Step Modules Will Help You Break Through Writer's Block And 
Unlock Your Fanfiction's Full Potential:

  • Module 1: Burst out of Plot Paralysis: Develop Masterful Plot Arcs, Fend Off Writer's Block, & Fortify Your Fanfiction For Completion With Templated Plot Structures

  • Module 2: Rocket Over Reader's Rift: Wield Modern Psychology to Intentionally Connect To Your Reader's Emotions

  • Module 3: Enliven Cardboard Characters: Instantly Create Authentic, Vibrant, In-Character Characters That Enchant Your Readers

  • Module 4: Color in Blank Backdrops: Deepen Interactions Between Your Characters & Their World To Supercharge Your Settings & Make Them Come Alive

  • ​Module 5: Escape Pacing Purgatory: Perfect Your Pacing, Maintain Your Momentum, & Keep Your Reader's Hungry For More!

Student Testimonial #2

“I was pretty new to Fanfiction when I signed up for the course. I didn’t really think much about it until the first ‘lesson’ came. I hung onto every word, and decided to apply it to my fanfics.
After I used all the strategies, one of my fanfics got over 5K reads, and I was really surprised and thankful!” - Student
Let Me Pause Here to Tell You A 
Little More About Myself…
My name is Gwen. 🙂
I’ve been writing fanfiction for over 10 years now.
I have fanfictions with over 1000 reviews, 2000 favs, and over a million views.
On the professional side, I’ve been published in a science fiction anthology that grew to be the #1 bestselling Science Fiction anthology on Amazon and I self-published a work that landed in the top 25% of earnings for an author’s most recent novel.
For this course, I combined classes on literature, prose, poetry, musicology, cinematography, comic book writing, television programming, copy writing, improv comedy and psychology so that I could really focus on the trends of human storytelling to create fanfiction-specific techniques.

Whatever stories you have 
bubbling up inside you… 

The Fanfiction Writing Masterclass Can
Turn Your Writing Dreams into Reality!

The truth is, most writing classes don’t make it much easier to write.

Not emotionally and not practically.

Some even make it scarier with peer review and public readings.

We know there’s a better way. We’ve seen it in a dozen different crafts.

What if creative writing could be like learning how to paint by number? Or crochet with a pattern?

One step at a time with a structure to guide you?

Fanfiction itself gives you a pattern to work off of – plots and settings and characters to make your own.

That’s Why We Believe Fanfiction Is The Best Writing Teacher In The World

We wanted to take fanfiction a step further, to draw from the POWERFUL educational methods of cinematography, comic art, miniature painting, textile crafting, musicology and more, to create a class that teaches writing as a craft, building discrete skills with a focus on guidance, enjoyment, and creative freedom. 

It’s taken years of extensive development but we’ve finally managed it.

This masterclass takes the overwhelming nature of writing a story and breaks it down into a series of simple steps that anyone can accomplish. 

Your fear will ease and in no time you’ll have a fanfiction story that you can be proud of.

This class works at your pace with your ideas and shows you how to take the trends and techniques underlying your favorite fanfictions and make them work for you.

Student Testimonial #3

“I think that you’re doing an amazing job for all the wannabe writers out there!” - Student
Over 10 Hours & 100+ Guided Lessons To Help You Breakthrough Writer's Block & Unlock Your Fanfiction's Full Potential!

You won’t find a course like this one anywhere else…

This is a course that’s designed specifically for fanfiction writers so that you can learn the tips and techniques you need to create excellent fanfiction stories!

Take A Closer Look At All 100+ Lessons!

  • Module 1: Burst out of Plot Paralysis: Develop Masterful Plot Arcs, Fend Off Writer's Block, & Fortify Your Fanfiction For Completion With Templated Plot Structures

    • Discover The Power of Plot Structures To Fend Off Writer's Block
      • Lesson 1: Introduction
      • Lesson 2: The Eye-Opening Power of Plot Structure
      • Lesson 3: Master Plot Arcs Using Our Cheat Sheets!
    • Plot Structures To Create Hypnotic Internal Character Journies
      • Lesson 4: Intro To Internal Character Journey Plots
      • Lesson 5: Maturation Plot Structure
      • Lesson 6: Revelation Plot Structure
      • Lesson 7: Sacrifice Plot Structure
      • Lesson 8: Recovery Plot Structure
      • Lesson 9: Redemption Plot Structure
      • Lesson 10: Fall From Grace Plot Structure
      • Lesson 11: Character Study Plot Structure
      • Lesson 12: AU Character Transformation Plot Structure
    • Plot Structures To Create Tantalizing Interpersonal Character Relationships
      • Lesson 13: Romance Plot Structure
      • Lesson 14: Metamorphosis Plot Structure
      • Lesson 15: Mentorship Plot Structure
    • Plot Structures To Create Rivetting External Character Development Stories
      • Lesson 16: Intro To External Character Journey Plots & Rivalry Plot Structure
      • Lesson 17: Power Trip Plot Structure
      • Lesson 18: AU Exploration Plot Structure
    • Plot Structures To Create Thrilling Idea Focused Plots
      • Lesson 19: Intro To Idea Focused Plots & Mystery Plot Structure
      • Lesson 20: Adventure Plot Structure
      • Lesson 21: Pursuit Plot Structure
      • Lesson 22: Rescue Plot Structure
      • Lesson 23: Revenge Plot Structure
      • Lesson 24: Escape Plot Structure
    • Efficiently Weave Multiple Plot Arcs & Successfully Surprise Your Readers
      • Lesson 25: Character Focused V.S. Idea Focused Plot Structure
      • Lesson 26: Weaving Multiple Plot Structures
      • Lesson 27: TOP SECRET! Shadow Plots, Twist Endings, Oh my!
      • Lesson 28: Conclusion: Diagnosing Writer's Block Related To Plot
  • Module 2: Rocket Over Reader's Rift:Wield Modern Psychology to Intentionally Connect To Your Reader's Emotions
    • Lesson 29: Intro To The Building Blocks Of Reader Emotions
    • Point of View & Tense: The Little-Known SUPER Power To Perfectly Present Your Story
      • Lesson 30: Understanding "Distinction in Experience" 
      • Lesson 31: Understanding "Distinction in Time"
      • Lesson 32: First-Person POV: Pros & Cons
      • Lesson 33: Second-Person POV: Pros & Cons
      • Lesson 34: Third-Person POV: Pros & Cons
      • Lesson 35: Present Tense: Pros & Cons
      • Lesson 36: Past Tense: Pros & Cons
      • Lesson 37: Future Tense: Pros & Cons
    • Step-by-Step Guide To Wielding Your Reader's Psychology
      • Lesson 38: Intentionally Control Your Reader's Experience
      • Lesson 39: Interest Drivers: Keep Reader's at the Edge of Their Seat
      • Lesson 40: Influence Reader Emotions On Command
  • Module 3: Enliven Cardboard Characters:Instantly Create Authentic, Vibrant, In-Character Characters That Enchant Your Readers
    • Lesson 41: Intro To Creating Compelling Characters
    • Character Traits: The Building Blocks of Canon Characterization
      • Lesson 42: Character Trait #1 - Social Roles
      • Lesson 43: Character Trait #2 - Physical Traits
      • Lesson 44: Character Trait #3 - Possessions
      • Lesson 45: Character Trait #4 - Actions
      • Lesson 46: Character Trait #5 - Affect
      • Lesson 47: Character Trait #6 - Skills
      • Lesson 48: Character Trait #7 - Habits
      • Lesson 49: Character Trait #8 - Past
      • Lesson 50: Character Trait #9 - Motives
      • Lesson 51: Character Trait #10 - Preferences
      • Lesson 52: Tips On Using All 10 Character Traits
    • Advanced Characterization: Take Your Characters To New Heights
      • Lesson 53: Write Perfect In-Character Characters
      • Lesson 54: Why You Shouldn't Use Every Character Trait For Every Character
      • Lesson 55: Control How Intimately Connected Readers Are To Your Characters
      • Lesson 56: Use Stereotypes To Quickly Enliven Characters
      • Lesson 57: Know When You Should Reveal Your Characterization
    • S.H.I.T Method: The Supersecret Tool To Get Maximum Impact From EVERY Sentence
      • Lesson 58: Should You Show. Hint. Ignore. or Tell Character Traits? 
      • Lesson 59: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Social Roles
      • Lesson 60: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Physical Traits
      • Lesson 61: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Possessions
      • Lesson 62: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Actions
      • Lesson 63: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Affect
      • Lesson 64: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Skills
      • Lesson 65: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Habits
      • Lesson 66: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Past
      • Lesson 67: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Motives
      • Lesson 68: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Preferences
      • Lesson 69: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Dialogue
      • Lesson 70: S.H.I.T. Method Applied To Crowds
      • Lesson 71: Combining Showing & Telling
      • Lesson 72: S.H.I.T. Method Pros & Cons
    • Step-by-Step Guide To Wielding Your Reader's Psychology For Compelling Characterization
      • Lesson 73: Intro To Characterization Interest Drivers
      • Lesson 74: Tap Into Reader Curiosity With Information Gaps & Suspense
      • Lesson 75: Drive Reader Interest With Progress/Broken Expectations
      • Lesson 76: Engage Your Readers With Power Trips/Humour 
      • Lesson 77: Intro To Characterization Emotional Engagement
      • Lesson 78: Why Imaginibility Is Crucial To Rock-solid Emotional Engagement 
      • Lesson 79: PRO TIP: Use Melodrama To Pull On Reader's Heart Strings
      • Lesson 80: Intro to Emotion Drivers - The 7 Most Powerful Lessons To Wield Reader Psychology
      • Lesson 81: Emotion Driver #1 - Physiological Needs
      • Lesson 82: Emotion Driver #2 - Safety Needs
      • Lesson 83: Emotion Driver #3 - Love Needs
      • Lesson 84: Emotion Driver #4 - Social Status Needs
      • Lesson 85: Emotion Driver #5 - Self Image Needs
      • Lesson 86: Emotion Driver #6 - Cultural Needs
      • Lesson 87: Emotion Driver #7 - Philosophical Needs
      • Lesson 88: Believability V.S. Potency 
      • Lesson 89: Bringing It All Together To Create Rock-Solid & Believable Characters
  • Module 4: Color in Blank Backdrops:Deepen Interactions Between Your Characters & Their World To Supercharge Your Settings & Make Them Come Alive
    • Lesson 90: Intro To Setting Aspects, Interest Drivers, & Imaginability
    • Setting Aspects: 5 Steps To Creating Settings Reader's Can Immerse Themselves In
      • Lesson 91: Setting Aspect #1 - Function
      • Lesson 92: Setting Aspect #2 - Physical Structure
      • Lesson 93: Setting Aspect #3 - Items
      • Lesson 94: Setting Aspect #4 - Affect
      • Lesson 95: Setting Aspect #5 - Past
    • Advanced Settings: Keep Your Reader's Wishing They Could Never Leave Your World
      • Lesson 96: Using Interest Drivers For Your Settings
      • Lesson 97: Using Emotion Drivers For Your Settings
      • Lesson 98: Using Imaginability For Your Settings
      • Lesson 99: Using Imaginability (Cont.) For Your Settings
      • Lesson 100: Increasing & Maintaining Your Reader's Belief
  • Module 5: Escape Pacing Purgatory:Perfect Your Pacing, Maintain Your Momentum, & Keep Your Reader's Hungry For More!
    • Lesson 101: Intro To Sentence Functions & Pacing
    • Sentence Functions: 6 Of The Most Powerful Sentence Types UNVEILED!
      • Lesson 102: Sentence Function #1 - Action
      • Lesson 103: Sentence Function #2 - Perception
      • Lesson 104: Sentence Function #3 - Situational Information
      • Lesson 105: Sentence Function #4 - Dialogue
      • Lesson 106: Sentence Function #5 - Extended Time Periods
      • Lesson 107: Sentence Function #6 - General Information
      • Lesson 108: In-Moment V.S. Out-of-Moment Sentence Functions
    • The 3 Layer Pacing Sandwich For PERFECT Pacing
      • Lesson 109: Plot Pacing
      • Lesson 110: Story Pacing
      • Lesson 111: Scene Pacing
    • The Magic Power of Word Choice To SUPERCHARGE Every Sentence
      • Lesson 112: Smoothly Transition Between Sentence Functions & Reduce The Distinction in Experience
      • Lesson 113: Experience The Power of Specificity 
      • Lesson 114: Be AWARE! Amplifiers Might Not Do What You Want
      • Lesson 115: Avoiding Diminishers 
      • Lesson 116: Using Analogies To Quickly Help Readers Form A Mental Image
      • Lesson 117: Bringing It All Together To Maintain Emotional Engagement
    • Concluding This Course - You're Awesome!
      • Lesson 118: Thank You For Writing Fanfiction!

Student Testimonial #4

“Your course is amazing, I keep going back to it for recommendations.” - Student

Student Testimonial #5

“Thank you for your help! Now I know how to write a fanfiction and have lots of fans. Thank you!” - Student
With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose!
It’s important to us that you love the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass

To ensure that you experience the best writing education we can create, we are offering an 100% money-back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with the class, let us know and we will refund your money, in full.

All we ask if that you give us feedback on what we could do to make the class better for the students that come after you!

We don’t think we can be any fairer than that. 

Either get the information you need to write terrific fanfiction or get your purchase price back!
Frequently Asked Questions
What experience do I need to take your classes?
The class is best suited for writer's who've at least attempted to write their first story. If you haven't get words on paper now and sign up!
Can I actually learn to write better through fanfiction?
Absolutely. In fact, we believe fanfiction is a better writing teacher than any other method in the world. It gives you the scaffolding you need to take on big ideas and succeed with them, working from an established, steady base. 
How much work do I need to submit for critique?
None! Absolutely none. It’s a basic tenant of our teaching that forcing peer review is a bad idea and keeps many anxious and new writers from pursuing writing as a hobby.
Do I have to read other people’s work?
Nope! As fanfiction writers, we love reading fanfiction and highly encourage it, but our students are never required to read others work nor submit their own. 
Is there really anything in this course that I couldn’t find online for free?
Yes. We created this course because we couldn’t find anyone teaching fanfiction writing methods and techniques. Our content was invented by us, applying known writing techniques to fanfiction as a genre. 

Student Testimonial #6

“First of all thank you for creating a platform for beginners in writing like me. The honest and positive reviews I got really motivated me. All thanks to you.” - Students
Only in the Fanfiction Writing Masterclass Will You Learn:
  • How to create a full story from an idea step by step – you won’t have to feel overwhelmed or uncertain or fearful, just follow the steps to complete a great story.

  • How to break writing down into fundamental goals and challenges and then accomplish each one so that you quickly fulfill your ultimate dream of writing an AMAZING fanfiction

  • How to develop an attention-grabbing plot – we’ll show you how other writers have done it in their stories and how you can use the same structures in your story … we’ve also included handy worksheets to help guide you and make the whole process simpler!

  • ​How to flesh out your characters, including how to pick particular traits to add – plus, how to introduce those traits in your story.

  • ​What really drives reader interest and how to choose from a list of options you can use to build reader engagement in any story.

  • ​Little known but highly effective techniques you can use to emotionally engage with a particular character or to believably build up a character’s emotions within your story.

  • ​How to simplify the difficult decision of what type of narration to use – we’ll carefully guide you to making the best decision for your story,

The Truth is Fanfiction is One of the Most Effective Ways to Learn Creative Writing!

And this course is the most effective way to learn fanfiction writing!

This course gives you a blueprint that will allow you to practice every element of writing without having to do all of them at once. 

By enrolling in this course and writing fanfiction, you can:
  • Play in a world and with characters that your audience already loves as much as you do. It is an enthusiastic and beautiful way to connect with people who love the things you love!
  • Publish chapter by chapter – getting feedback and encouragement and building relationships with your readers throughout the writing process! (Remember you don’t have to share your writing if you don’t want to)
  • Gain a deeper level of creativity by avoiding all forms of gatekeeping. This course creates a safe space to break cultural norms in writing, make fringe pieces and encourage writing for niche markets that would not pass publication gatekeepers. The publication freedom fanfiction offers is unheard of and fundamentally important to shifting creative writing norms!
Plus, remember fanfiction allows you to participate in a vibrant community with a shared enthusiasm — which gives you the opportunity to receive feedback and create meaningful relationships with your readers in a way that’s not offered by traditional publication!
Enroll Today & Get 4 FREE Bonuses
  • ​Bonus #1: 4 Step Process For Developing BRILLIANT Story Ideas You Will Fall In Love With
  • ​​Bonus #2: No-Nonsense Guide To Choosing The Right Length For Your Fanfiction! ​
  • ​​Bonus #3: Gwen's Stress-Free Process For Effective Editing​
  • ​Bonus #4: Gwen's Guide To Publishing For New Writers

Ready to Start Writing 
Great Fanfiction?

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Student Testimonial #7

“The concept you were trying to explain was illustrated in such a simple manner, yet it was masterfully done. It showed you all you needed to know to introduce characters but did not confuse you with complex details. Overall, this course seems extremely promising. Thank you for creating it!” - Student

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  • Bonus #1: 4 Step Process For Developing BRILLIANT Story Ideas You Will Fall In Love With
  • ​​Bonus #2: No-Nonsense Guide To Choosing The Right Length For Your Fanfiction! ​
  • ​​Bonus #3: Gwen's Stress-Free Process For Effective Editing​
  • Bonus #4: Gwen's Guide To Publishing For New Writers

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